If you are planning a great Asian marriage or asked to one, our guidebook will help you appreciate the many pre-wedding ceremonies and events that make up an Asian marriage ceremony celebration.

It’s significant to not overlook that these customs are rooted in centuries of history and are still extremely relevant today. As a result, they may differ from culture Get the complete details to culture and even via region to region.

In general, Cookware weddings certainly are a week-long affair with music, food, happiness and love. Numerous traditional occasions are held before the wedding ceremony and are generally meant to live up too ancestors, family members and friends. In addition they serve as a formal introduction of the bride with her new https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love husband’s friends and relations.

One common tradition is a tea ceremony that honors parents. The few provides tea (sometimes dragon’s attention fruit tea) and ribbon to each of their parents. That they also are given purple envelopes with money in them from their guests, which is a indication of good luck.

Another classic ritual is the Yui-no betrothal commemoration. At this time, the groom presents gifts to the woman. The most common products is surely an "Obi" sash that represents female virtue and a “Hakama” skirt of white Sendai silk that expresses faithfulness.


Another element of an Oriental wedding is arranging the date with respect to Far east tung shing (marriage astrology). This decides which evening is auspicious and may bring the few happiness, lot of money and offsprings.

הי אני ניר בוסקו

קצת קשה להגדיר במילה אחת את מה שאני עושה. איש חינוך, מורה של מור׊׉, מעצב גרפי ומפתח אתרים, נגר חובב, הנדימן, מייקר. בעיקר נשוי למורן ואבא של גל ואור. 

בתוך הבליל הזה אני בעיקר מנסה לעשות את מה שאני אוהב ולעבוד עם ׭נשים טוב׊׉.

הקמתי את "הפרעת קשב" מתוך רצון להביא לידי ביטוי את כל עולמות העיסוק שלי, לפעמים הם משתלבים ולפעמים הם נפגשים, האהבה שלי לעשייה חינוכית לצד האהבה שלי לדברים יפים.

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